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Job Portal Web and Mobile Application

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The recruitment world is pulsating at the rhythm of technology. Understanding this transformative era, Softwares On Demand brings forth its state-of-the-art Job Portal Web and Mobile Application. A harmonious blend of powerful features and ease of use, our platform serves both job seekers and employers, optimizing the recruitment voyage in today's digital age.


Candidate and Employer Mobile Application: Candidate and Employer Mobile Application, the ultimate tool where both sides of the hiring equation meet seamlessly.

  1. Employer's Hiring Dashboard: On both web and mobile, employers can access a comprehensive dashboard, tracking job postings, applications, and interviews in real-time.

  2. Advanced Search Filters: Tailor your search. With multi-faceted filters, find the perfect job or candidate based on skills, experience, location, and more.

  3. Resume Builder: Empower candidates with a tool to create professional resumes within the portal, enhancing their chances of getting noticed.

  4. Job Recommendations: Using sophisticated algorithms, our portal recommends jobs to candidates based on their profiles, skills, and preferences.

  5. Company Profiles: Employers can showcase their brand, culture, and values through detailed company profiles, attracting the right talent.

  6. Secure Messaging System: Facilitate communication. Employers and candidates can converse within the portal, ensuring privacy and prompt interactions.

  7. Job Alerts: Stay updated. Candidates receive real-time notifications for jobs matching their criteria, ensuring they never miss an opportunity.

  8. Application Tracking: Monitor your journey. Candidates can track their application status, from submission to interview schedules.

  9. Integrated Skill Tests: Evaluate potential. Employers can post skill tests, allowing candidates to showcase their expertise directly.

  10. Freelance & Gig Listings: Beyond full-time roles, our portal supports listings for freelance, part-time, and gig-based opportunities.

  11. Mobile Optimization: Access on-the-go. The portal is designed for seamless performance on mobile devices, catering to the mobile-first generation.

  12. Multi-language Support: Breaking barriers. The portal supports multiple languages, ensuring usability and reach across geographies.

  13. Employer Analytics: Gain insights. Employers can assess job post performances, application numbers, and more, optimizing their recruitment strategies.

  14. Social Media Integration: Amplify reach. Share job listings seamlessly on social platforms, tapping into larger audience bases.

  15. Featured Listings: Maximize visibility. Employers can opt for featured job posts, ensuring they stand out and attract more applications.

  16. Video Interview Platform: Leverage virtual recruitment. The portal facilitates video interviews, streamlining the hiring process in today's remote-working world.

  17. Feedback & Review System: Build credibility. Employers and candidates can rate and review their experiences, fostering trust within the community.

  18. Customizable Alerts: Personalize notifications. Users can set their preferences for job alerts, ensuring relevance.

  19. API Integration: Extend functionalities. Integrate with HRMS, CRM, or other systems, creating a unified recruitment ecosystem.

  20. Dedicated Support: Encounter an issue? Our 24/7 support ensures smooth operations and prompt resolutions.

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